Aggressive Advocacy For Seeking Retirement, Survivors And Disability Insurance Benefits

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has a robust website. While the website provides phone numbers to encourage you to speak with one of their representatives, the agency’s regulations are subject to continuous updates and complex policies. Applicants have to submit a mountain of paperwork that is confusing and hard to navigate. Applications are frequently subject to denial. Many people give up after facing the rejection of their first application. Some never even get that far because completing the application on their own is exhausting.

If you are at a loss for where to turn to for help, The Law Offices of M. D. Breaux, LLC, may be the answer for you. Attorney Michael D. Breaux offers his clients personal help from the initial application process through the appeals process. Wherever you find yourself in the process of applying for benefits, give him a call. His focus is 100% on helping you get the benefits you may have a right to receive. Mr. Breaux is fiercely loyal to his clients. He will be your aggressive advocate.

Critical Legal Representation For Those Who Cannot Work

If you are under a physician’s care for acute physical or mental issues and can no longer work, it can be agonizing to think about how you will pay your bills or buy groceries. You may seek replacement income from SSA through various benefits, such as:

  • Retirement – After a certain age and work history, you will qualify to receive retirement benefits from SSA. Your contributions over the course of your career will have an impact on the monthly amount you will receive. If you are no longer capable of working, you may begin collecting your retirement benefits at the age of 62, however, if you wait until you are 67 or older, your monthly benefit will increase.
  • Survivors – If your spouse dies, you may apply to receive survivors’ benefits. If you have children or other dependents who qualify, you may also apply for money to benefit them. The monthly amount is will depend on their work history and the amount of their contribution into SSA over time. You may also apply to receive a lump sum payment of $255.
  • Disability insurance (SSDI) – Social Security Disability Insurance is a complex process for providing money to those with a medical condition that will last a minimum of one year or could result in death. There are limitations and guidelines for determining if your medical condition qualifies.

Mr. Breaux also provides in-depth assistance for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and other disability benefits insurance. You do not have to complete the process on your own.

 No Fees Unless Your Case Is Won

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