Information needed for Social Security Disability filings

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How injuries and illnesses affect people in Louisiana depends on the severity of the injury and also what parts of the body are affected. Certain injuries are debilitating and prevent people from doing many basic life activities. This can include their ability to work. If they are unable to work, it can cause many difficulties beyond the physical pain and limitations that they are experiencing.

Without an income, people are generally not able to meet their needs and pay their monthly bills. This can create significant hardships for both the injured people and their families. Having to worry about how people will meet their monthly obligations while trying to receive the medical treatment they need to heal from their injuries or treat their illness can be very difficult.

People who find themselves in this position may be able to receive Social Security Disability benefits (SSDI). These benefits give people a monthly payment that can be used for their needs while they are unable to work. There are also other benefits that people can receive such as Medicaid or Medicare to help with the medical payments.

What people need to gather for a SSDI application

In order to receive these benefits, people need to apply for them. During this process, people will be asked to provide a significant amount of information about their income and health conditions. People could be asked to provide some of the following documentation:

  • Birth certificate and proof of citizenship or their lawful status to live in the United States
  • W-2s from their employers and tax returns, especially if people are self-employed
  • Medical records that people have in their possession at the time of filing
  • A completed Adult Disability Report, which asks questions about their medical condition that is preventing them from working and their past work history
  • Documentation regarding any workers’ compensation that people are currently receiving
  • Names and birthdates of minor children of the applicant

There are many people in Louisiana who have suffered disabilities that they are forced to live with, sometimes for a long time. These disabilities can cause numerous hardships both physically and financially if they are unable to work. If people decide to apply for SSDI benefits, it is important that the application is completed correctly because a denial of benefits can be very discouraging. Experienced attorneys understand what is needed for these applications and may be able to help ensure that they are complete and correct.